Welcome to the next Birdfair!

VIII Birdfair 2018

November, 1st to 5th

Manizales, Colombia

Pre and post birding tours

Every year there is a fixed date for all bird and nature lovers to meet. This year the meeting was held in Argentina!

The Birdfair offers a varied spectrum of choices:from equipment to birdwatching travel companies, books on birds and art exhibits, Governmental Agencies Stands or stands of organizations dedicated to birds or nature conservation and ecology in general.
The programmes may include workshops, lectures and courses related to birds in general, scientific updates, presentation of protected natural areas, books and everything connected to birdlife and the environment. It also offers all birdwatchers an opportunity to improve their knowledge, or complement it with various subjects such as bird-banding, wildlife photography, study of taxonomy, migrations, nesting and much more.
The Fair provides an excellent starting point to get to know the whole area. The programme includes outings everyday and pre and post-tours which last 1 or 2 to 5 or 7 days.
For those operators who are outside South America, the Fair gives them an opportunity to find the greatest birdwatching market offered in the continent, all together in one same place!

In advance:
IX Birdfair 2019: Punta del Este, URUGUAY!

Official Languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese